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“Don’t be ridiculous. I’d never wear a feather boa - with hoop earrings and leather pants. Maybe the pants. If they were the right color. Normal clothes are so boring. And I take pouf as a compliment - I’d rather be a fabulous pouf than an ordinary drag.”

He took “pouf” as a compliment.  This was too much.  ”Do you think about what you say, or does it just fall out of your mouth like a spent cock?”

Sebastian leaned forward, winking. “See, I knew you’d come out to me sooner or later. Let it /all/ out, love.” He smirked, patting the other Sebastian’s shoulder. “And that is /exactly/ how my words fall out of my mouth.”

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"My precioussss~"
"Look, boss, if you keep doing that I won’t read you the next chapter."

So I doodled some Mormor and decided to try and translate it to digital. Couldn’t scan the original, though.
let’s all ignore how much I suck at drawing Jim okay

"My precioussss~"

"Look, boss, if you keep doing that I won’t read you the next chapter."

So I doodled some Mormor and decided to try and translate it to digital. Couldn’t scan the original, though.

let’s all ignore how much I suck at drawing Jim okay

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Sebastian Moran

((Describing my character, in an attempt to become a koala-tea blog~))

Basic info:

Name: Sebastian Moran. Call him Seb.

Age: 32.

Ethnicity: Caucasian - dash of German/Irish, though he was born in London.

Fandom: BBC - Sherlock originated, of course, but the Doctor has visited the universe Seb is from. He struck up a friendship with the funny man, did him a favor, and now the Doctor drops him off places when Jim has a target in a different universe. Conclusion? All fandoms/AUs welcome.

Physical Description:

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Almost 14 stones.

Hair colour: Sandy blond.

Eye colour: Pure green - not hazel, not gold-flecked, green.

Tattoos/piercings: Tiger stripe tattoos on his shoulders.

Scars: Numerous. From his time hunting tigers in India - several long swipes on his sides. From military service - shrapnel scars in his chest, bullet wound on his right leg. From the job - knife wound across his face, from left eyebrow to right cheek. From Jim - careful blade marks on his back. “To match the tiger stripes on his sides.” More of the same on his legs. “JM” cut below his clavicle, as if on a collar. 

Personal Description:

Family relations: He despised his parents. Although he knew from a very early age that he was gay, they often turned a deaf ear whenever he mentioned anything to do with his sexuality. He had a tentatively healthy relationship with his sister (Abigail), bonding in mutual hate of their parents’ elitist lifestyle, stuffy parties, and annoying expectations. She died in a car accident along with two of her friends who were drunk driving while he was in the military. He misses her.

Occupation: Currently employed as Jim Moriarty’s personal sniper/bodyguard/Tiger/babysitter

Sexuality: Um. Gay. Obviously.

Relationships: In a loose relationship with Jim Moriarty. Both of them are sassy enough to know they need a break from one another every once in a while. Besides - what happens in other dimensions doesn’t have to bother Jim, does it?


1. Poetry - one of the few books on base while Sebastian was in the military was a tome of poetry. He read it all the time, committing most of them to heart. Consequently, every once in a while, he’ll quote Longfellow or some such. 

2. Alcohol - Sebastian isn’t one to turn down a drink. However, because of the circumstances of his sister’s death, he despises anyone who will touch alcohol and then  get behind a wheel of a car.

3. Pain - he isn’t exactly a masochist, but he won’t let down Jim’s sadistic side. The pain that he can’t stand, however, is the kind that doesn’t leave physical scars. He hates mental torture, the likes of which he underwent during his military service when he was abducted by the other side. He still has nightmares about that.

((This will be added to whenever possible. (: Feel free to ask if you’re unsure on any point!))

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Actually, I’m really glad you asked this (whether you meant to sound rude or not).

The short answer I usually hand out is that he’s a crack excuse to practice my tablet drawing (which, let’s be honest here, needs a LOT of work).

But there’s a bit more to it. I mean, the Seb I usually play resembles the Sebastian of most other rp blogs - sulky, protective, mouth like a sailor. He’s addicted to pain, he’s short on words.

The thing is, though - Sebastian isn’t canon yet. So people should remember, he could be ANYTHING. And doesn’t Jim deserve a sassy gay boyfriend? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to turn on Season 3 and see a Sabrina Moran or some such.

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Sweetheart, a corduroy skirt /is/ a life-or-death situation. I’d shoot it - or myself.

As for boobs…not much use for them, is there? Awful, jiggly things.

ooc headcanon:

Sebastian is really, /really/ awkward around boobs. (Adler’s discovered this - she knows she can get him stammering and off-guard by not wearing a shirt). Not because he’s attracted to them - he just doesn’t know how to react. It might possibly have to do with accidentally walking in on his younger sister and her friends during his teen years while they were in the midst of some alien sleepover ritual, showing off their chest sizes. Half her friends were in love with him, so they practically threw themselves at him, and he got all confused. It was a slightly traumatizing event.

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Fine, boss, fine.

It’s not like I’ve been waiting forever for you to get back, you git.

Just send me the details. I’m on it. Like always.

And please don’t let this be a new obsession.

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Send me colors -


  • Yellow: When you get older, where would you want to live?
  • Orange: Where do you want to be right now?
  • Lilac: What is your dream vacation?
  • Beige: What is your favorite dream?
  • White: Who was your first kiss?
  • Purple: Who was your last kiss?
  • Tangerine: Give a description of who you like.
  • Gray: Share a relationship story.
  • Green: Share a family story.
  • Gold: Share a story that makes you smile.
  • Black: Share something you did embarrassingly.
  • Blue: Are you still friends with the people you met in elementary school?
  • Magenta: What is something you barely tell anyone?
  • Red: What are your hobbies?
  • Violet: What college do you plan to attend?
  • Brown: Would you rather have a relationship or friend with benefit? Explain.
  • Peach: Who is your favorite teacher so far?
  • Pink: What is the meaning behind your url?

And they’d better not clash.

(Source: heroes--turn--human)

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Obviously, the very best bodyguard/assassin not a pet, thank you very much would be blond, wear a top quality scarf, and answer to the name Sebastian Moran. But he’s taken. So the next best thing is you find yourself a ruggedly handsome bloke, steady nerves, a crack shot, with just a hint of, of course, sass. Good luck, mate, blokes like that are gems.

I should know.

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Jim sent me on a job and it’s going so slow and there’s nothing to do and this part of town is so dirty and no one knows what a bloody cummerbund is. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw someone wearing cerise with chartreuse.

Someone entertain me or I’m going to shoot something. (Besides the mark, I mean.)

((Hai to all my new followers ~ feel free to send me an ask dears.

And to all the rp/cosplay blogs who followed me…I fangirled for an hour and then agonized over sending you a prompt and then I just kinda merped and went “They don’t want me to bother them.” ._. ))

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((I’m probably going to use this. A lot.))

((I’m probably going to use this. A lot.))

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